Frische Wäsche

Fresh Patterns #57 - “Confetti”

Last night I went to see Jessica Hische's guest editor edition of Hattery Happenings and she at one point commented how “Everyone is SF is a quarter new-agey.” Which is so true and so describes what I love about who SF lets you be.

So, here is Fresh Pattern #56 “A Quarter New-Agey” - completed in a vision-quest type fit of pattern journeying. 

Fresh Pattern #55 “Geo Giraffe”

Fresh Patterns #54 - “In the Weeds”

This one actually looks really sweet if you layer it on top of itself and turn it 90 degrees, but it was way too crazy a swatch to put up on here. Try ittt!

Endless Poly Party

Fresh Pattern #53 “EyeMissYou”

"Wave Hello, Wave Goodbye!"

Fresh Pattern #52 “Baby Blanket”

The gifs are coming!

Fresh Pattern #51 “Composition Waves”

A good ‘ol black and white one, looking forward to building with this one.

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